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This podcast is the work of our company, Lightward—named after the toward-the-light direction that informs every single thing we do—including money. The way we earn revenue isn’t based on industry norms (that’s why you won’t hear any ads on the podcast)—rather,  it’s based on what feels deeply right and aligning for you, the listener. The way we keep this podcast going is via our “pay-what-feels-good” approach—an exchange of value between us, and keeping conventional advertising totally out of it. 

Here’s how it works: we give you an episode because creating it feels good and energizing to us. And then you honestly consider what number of dollars the episode is genuinely worth to you. I do not care if that’s $3, $1000, or zero dollars and a heart emoji—as long as that energy exchange genuinely makes your day better. The energy behind it is the entire pointthat is the foundation of our business. No advertisers, no selling your attention—just us—trading value in a way that empowers us both. 

We use this policy across our company’s work, and we’re excited to bring it here—to the world of podcasts. This is us, voting for the world we want to see. 

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